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Comicpalooza 2015
Comicpalooza 2014
Dallas Comic-Con 2014
Wizard World 2013
Galacticon 3
Houston, 05.13
Dallas Comic-Con 2013
Dallas Scifi Expo 2013
Comicpalooza 2012
Dallas Comic Con 2012
Dallas Scifi Expo 2012
Wizard World 2011
Comicpalooza 2011
Star Trek 2007
Las Vegas
Vulkon Tampa 2006
Eliza Dushku at Wizard World Boston
Toronto SFX 2005
James Marsters, Adam Baldwin
Reality Billiards at the Rack
Ballbreakers tournament & tryouts
The Rack, Boston, 07.29.05
Motorcity Buffy Report
June 2005
Cast of Veronica Mars
Signing at the Cambridgeside Galleria
Cambridge MA, 04.08.05

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