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Comicpalooza 2011
On Saturday, Edward James Olmos did a panel with his son Michael and ----, announcing a new project titled "Mettle". The story is the result of a collaboration amongst the three of them, and Michael Olmos will produce. EJO will star as an ailing superhero suffering from post traumatic stress disorder, and will also play younger versions of the character in flashbacks. He said he hoped it would do for the superhero genre what BSG did for science fiction. He also said that it was time for a latino superhero, but he stressed that the story was not about that at all.

On Sunday, EJO did a panel by himself, mostly about BSG. I got there 20 min early, and got a front-row center seat. When EJO arrived, he came down to the audience, and shook hands with everyone in the front row and down the center aisle. He said to me and guy next to me "You guys must've gotten here really early." I didn't correct him...
He talked about his initial reluctance to do Battlestar Galactica, and how he was won over by how great the scripts were. Still, he said, he put a "no aliens" clause in his contract. When asked to name a standout episode, Olmos picked 33 (the one at the beginning of season 1 where they have to jump every 33 minutes). He said every single person locked on to their characters, raising the bar for the rest of the series, and that a lot of the method actors actually didn't sleep, resulting in a very "real performance".
There were only a few people in line for the photo ops, and they had chairs for us to sit in the photo room and wait. EJO came in and played with his cell phone for a bit while we were waiting for the photographer to get ready. I was one of the first ones up. I was just going to stand next to him, but he took my hands and arranged them as you see in the picture. :)
Sam Trammell seemed friendly and down to earth. He talked about being naked a lot of True Blood - he said he had done theater with full frontal nudity before, so in comparison, this was nothing... Though, he said that at his age, getting your stomach to look good on camera is "just impossible", and that you "can't eat anything." He joked that his worst fear was being in the same scene as Ryan Kwanten without shirts on.
Sean Maher was cute in his Q&A, but I can't remember anything he talked about. When I got his autograph, I told him I liked his character in Make it or Break it, and he seemed surprised that I'd seen it. He said he tried intentionally to make the character a bit more sympathetic, rather than just a villain.

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